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Default Re: The Protocols Removed - Can the ADL Silence Every Voice?

What previous documents?

I think arguing over their "validity" is a false argument. Simply read them and laugh as it unfolds before you.

Besides, "Da Jooooze" are not above simple stealing of ideas. Does anyone think that a single thing that I have written on this forum is a COMPLETELY original idea?

If in the future someone wanted to say that "I" did not write stuff on "Peak Oil" and it was a "forgery" because if you go to Dave McGowans website you will find similar lines and references...that would be a bit silly would it not? Would we doubt Marx and Co writing the Communist Manifesto laying out the groundwork for world domination of the Proletariet if we could show he "stole" large tracts of ideas and lines from other works? What of Hitlers "Mein Kampf"? Look at the large tracts taken from other works...will we say this "manifesto" is a fake?

Let the "Protocols" speak for themselves.

I care personally not one wit on the EXACT origens, as the notion that they inspire are PURE Masonic/Occult principals of social manipulation.

Whoever wrote them did a great service to humanity. It stands perfectly with history that people in the grip of a demonic ideology will happily put it to if God allows it...and has a sense of humour.
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