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Default Re: The New Age or the Aquarian Age & World Government

Uranus represents Independence and Saturn Universal Humanism.

Since when?

Saturn is representative of the "Wise Old Man" who allows NOTHING to come to fruition until ALL "things" are in place.

Saturn sets boundaries and has a tempering effect on the impulsive and infantile worst aspects of Aquarius. Aquarius represents "Universal Humanism" thinks there was a typo error.

Saturn goes around the Sun every 28 years and it's around 28-30 that people experience a "Saturn Return". The days of "drifting along" and keeping others happy are over and the "real Self" must shine through in the personality.

The "Age Of Aquarious" needs the tempering of the "Wise Old Man" of tradition and faith badly. Auqaurius is the WORST of the New Age in that it has little regard for the individual human being but rather see's ONLY the "big picture".

Communism is the WORST outcome of this annoying though nescessary sign.
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