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Excellent point. As you may know, the old adage to "Follow the money" will usually turn up others who arer involved, such as the University of Pennsylvania (grants, etc.), The NIMH, NASA, ad nauseam!

One aspect of mind control not yet widely known is the experimentation on adults who have pre-existing conditions. In other words, adults who already have a trauma base in their lives are all in danger of nonconsensual experimentation.

Why is this important? Because if you go to the "Wrong" psychiatrist or psychologist, you might get reported to the "Wrong" organisations.

It means that they try to access your unresolved trauma; the earlier in life, the better. How do I know this? Well, I have first-hand knowledge of how some of it feels, but DON'T TELL ANYBODY! :-o (hint!)

One example of how a cult can access childhood trauma for the purposes of control is the isolation room. You see, we all have certain traumatic experiences as humans: the trauma of birth being one of them. The first time you are out of your mama, you begin to experience a cacophony of sights, sounds, and other sensations, all assaulting your little mind which cannot sort them out. It is extremely disorienting and frightening for the infant, thus the need to be held by the mother as soon as possible.

But, back to the isolation room. When a new initiate is "ready" she is doused with water and put into a cell which is cold and has bright lights on, day and night. The cult will play prerecorded messages, or perhaps speak to her directly through a microphone, such things as "You are all alone, nobody wants you . . ."
The desired effect is to access the trauma of birth so that when she is reunited with the other cult members, it will fell like "Being held by mama" for the first time. See how easy that is? And this is just a stupid little cult! Imagine what highly trained psychiatrists could do without your awareness! :-o
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