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Default Re: I agree Henry, bar 1 point...

Can I post this? I may edit a little or not.


Mrs. Mary Spencer wrote:

Dear Henry:

Another intelligent, excellant read, as always. You are a dude.

I thought I'd share a personal experience of Freemasonry with you as you have been very kind to me, and patient with me, in your forum. You have been great therapy - allowing me to see the bigger picture while still maintaining my personal faith in a brighter tomorrow, somewhere down the road, when the truth comes to light. Thank you.

I am a 38 year old twice-divorced mother of three children. My father was a Mason and my mum had recieved shock therapy, long before I was adopted into their home. It's hard for me to accept my mum was a bit cracked. She was so good in so many ways and she was mentally ill.

My father was also a pedophile. It has taken me many years to come to terms with the fact that I was knowingly placed into the home of a pedophile. It makes you feel worthless, as a person... that is also a combination of the effects of molestation on a child. It destroys your ability to trust, taints future relationships, destoys family bonds, and creates a lot of anger and violence, in a child.

How am I as a person to accept that the masons, pedophiles that they ultimately aim to be, are the minions of government, the banking elite, my local cops and those who would destroy my children's hope for an education and a better future?

Once again I will repeat. Satan's agenda is to rape God's children. Full stop. That's where this ball game ends. It's not about the money. They know and we all know it is worthless paper funny money. Nor the oil, there is plenty of that. An iceburg is a lot of fresh drinking water. It's one of those dialect things. It's all diversion and WWF. It's about the kids. God help me, I'm typing the truth.

I must have a traumatised mind because it is photographic by nature and my memory is very long. I am telling you the truth and people really need to wake up to that specific fact. Can you imagine what it is like to deprogram your own mind? Talk about self-help...

masons are minions

The government wants your children's soul
They plan to rape as many as possible
I am not fear mongering.

I am fore-warning that all things are possible in God's name. Whether God is going to allow it or not, is a different story. I personally, would appreciate you investing into this specific tainted issue and writing your thoughts on the matter that I must personally address within myself?

Mary XXX
Howse that for honesty?

I would appreciate comments from posters here.

My father was a very sick man in a lot of ways. He also came from a very sad up-bringing. My mum came from dirt poor, during the second world war. Holes in her only shoes, one dress to wash out daily and bread and drippings for a meal. I miss her very much, still, to this very day.

I do not acknowledge my father.

My older brother and I have only just, this year, resumed some form of friendly communication. I am 38. We both left home at 16, as fast as our legs could carry us.

His life has been similiar to my mine. Filled with heartbreak and despair, choosing poor partners and trying to ignore the shame of our family's past. Funny though, we have both been highly successful financially.

We both have been knocked down, on many occasions, and we get right back up. We've both been financially ruined on more than once and we still come good. We are both very good parents - highly conscientious of what we are doing and the effects it will have on our children. We both spend most of our time with our children.

People can judge and jury me all they like. I have been to hell and back and I'm still here. I still care.


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