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Default Re: Does George Bush Represent a Rift in NWO?

I am not very religious, but I think hard core religion (black pope) and hard core satanism are heading towards the same destination maybe even car pooling! The satan evil mindset seems very unoriginal, you know grab a good idea a concept, infiltrate and tweak it towards the evil side.
Satan's one world total control grid is necessary to bring about the 2nd coming of Jesus.
Who in turn would now have the world's population under control for all the right reasons.
The final conflict, a power grab for your souls if you want. Who will stand up against the beast system? Who will submit and hence be micro-chipped? It's like the Yin-Yang and walkig that thin line that seperates Yin from Yang is not an option for this war.

p.s. that picture of the Pope and the upside cross?? very very strange indeed
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