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Default Re: Australia about to face Civil War?

Andrew Carnagie? Sure - six of seven billionares may be able to fashion public opinion so the mindless masses will follow suit. But six of seven of the punks that did this?

I don't think so...


'White supremacists' involved in Sydney race riots
Mon 12 Dec 2005

A police task force has been set up to identify people who took part in the riots.
Source: ABCSource: ABC

New South Wales Premier Morris Iemma says violence over the weekend in Sydney's south was the ugly face of racism, with the State Government confirming that so-called "white supremacists" were involved in the riots.

A police task force has been set up to identify people who took part in the riots with police today defending their actions in containing the 5,000-strong crowd, saying they did everything they could. [Gosh, you'd think it would take all the police at Cronulla to count 'em, wouldn't you?]

Mr Iemma says community leaders will meet with police and the Government to decide what further action to take, again condemning the behaviour in the strongest terms.

"There is no way that this sort of behaviour, this disgraceful and cowardly behaviour will be tolerated anywhere," he said.

Police Commissioner Ken Moroney denied that police should have dispersed the crowd earlier but admitted the consumption of alcohol played a large role, describing it the worst violence he has seen in 40 years in the force.

"Never in my working life did I ever imagine a mob, a drunken mob, turning on a woman," he said.

There are reports that text messages are being sent out already calling on similar action to take place next Sunday, with the Premier saying they will be met with unrelenting force.


UNRELENTING FORCE: WhERe??????!!!! 5000? WhErE???


NB: The police gave notice - in advance - that they would be in attendance at this beach, on this weekend, to prevent this kind of action. Why was the UNRELENTING FORCE not applied yesterday?

They picked a fight, called the pretext, and understaffed the event.

J'accuse! This is nothing short of a provocation. These guys were INVITED. This fire has been stoked since September 11th. This is manufactured terrorism; set it up, knock it down, CLAMP IT DEAD. Where is Bin Laden - lest we forget? George W Bush most certainly has.

FACT: The ex-president of Indonesia is on the record as admitting the INDONESIAN MILITARY were involved in the Bali bombings - and he accuses the Australian Federal Police of KNOWING so.

White Supremacists my big huge what-I-sit-on. None of them would know anything about the topic. This is the Adolf "who?" crowd. No ideology, no education, just a media-stoked hatred of everything they are not. Frankly, anyone who wants to walk into a police state deserves free entry.

Read this article CAREFULLY. This is not a revolution; this is a pack of mindless punks who can not tell the difference between an Aboriginal and a Lebanese man! I'd be very surprised if anything near 5000 turned up - it would cause a major traffic incident, or transport surge!

When the police say - we're gonna be there - and the are NOT - with the UNRELENTING FORCE intimated, what's happening?

Go on - fill in the dots. This was manufactured, provoked, and will shortly be consumated - by idiot consent. :-o
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