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Default Re: Australia about to face Civil War?

In order to have a civil war, people have to care about something. Australians, by and large, do not. In fact, they make a virtue out of NOT doing so. If anything has been socially engineered, it's the apathy which has been evanescent in a British colony which does not want to grow up.
:-o Well sir I doubt you are Australian because otherwise you would realise this is plain wrong.
I happened to be the at rally so i can verify by first hand facts no CNN Bullshit etc. (neocon hypocrisy by the US media conglomerate is unbelievable in relation to this), that many Australians especially many of those in 15-25 year age bracket do infact care about Australia interms of Nationalist politically inspired action and although it usually takes a nasty incident like this just to push them into action.So you are plain wrong and seem rather arrogant in your response. However dont let your arrogance distort reality or facts will you!.

Also althought people did indeed vote for a monarchy for Australia this has nothing to with wanting to part the UK it is motivated by a principled stand against globlists in this country whom would like their own US puppet style Administrator for this country which would not so much give us more independence under this model but would simply be like exchanging old chains for new ones tying us even closer to the US which already dominates our culture as we have a US+Australia Free trade Agreement, however long before this the rot had already set in we have been becoming ever more americanised or Globlist plus multicultural since the 1960s.

This polarisation is happening in jails, newspapers, and in suburbs where immigrant communities pool in their own nationalities - which is NOTHING new in this country in the last 30 years. It's being stoked by newspapers which people with a brain are staying away from in their droves.
Utter crap the polarisation has been driven by facts which is the vile habits culture and attitudes of Arabs in Australia especially Muslims, they rape our women, gangbash our males(always outnumbered) and insult our culture and way of life.
Yesterday Est time they got a dose of their own tactics and experinced what is like to be on the receiving end for just one day in their miserable terror scum filled lives!.What else do you expect from a bunch of scum which think Gangster rappers pimps and drug dealers are their Gods not even Allah, which makes one wonder why these arabs keep falling back on Islam as their piss weak defence!.:-?
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