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Default Re: Australia about to face Civil War?

These almost sounds like the Paris riots where the police tear gassed the mosque. I'm sensing government involvement:


CHILLING new text messages inciting more violence were being traced by a police taskforce last night as Australia reeled at the nation's worst race riots.

Police were investigating a series of disturbing SMS messages calling on young Arabs to start another round of attacks at Sydney's Cronulla Beach next Sunday.

"All Arabs unite as one, we will never back down to anyone the aussie's (sic) will feel the full force of the arabs as one 'brothers in arms'," the SMS said.,5478,17548165%5E662,00.html
\"six or seven men can plunge the nation into war, or, what is perhaps equally disastrous, commit it to entangling alliances without consulting Parliament at all.\"

--Andrew Carnegie
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