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Default Re: Is he?

The movie is extremely violent and graphic. It is not entertainment, but rather a very sorrowful experience.

Check out this webpage on how it relates to scripture(if you're a bible believing christian):

If Mel is a conspiracy theorist? I think so.

I really enjoy Mel. Most of His films have some type of message of fighting for freedom, love, and life/GOD.

I love how he doesn't yield to the feminist, homosexual, worldly, satanic, NWO propaganda/politically correct nonsense taught to children at school and at home through tv/movies/newspapers/magazines etc..(check out Rebellious, selfish people on their way to destruction, just like Sodom and Gommorrah. He speaks his beliefs and doesn't lie by saying something he doesn't believe in or agree with, it is not communist russia/nazi germany yet, we all have freedom of speech. Praise GOD!

Films like Braveheart, Man without a face, conspiracy theory, Forever Young, The Patriot, are about fighting the evil ruling, anti-christ system. It is rare to see a male actor and director today go against the system and stands up and fight for what is right: GOD, freedom, justice, love, and truth(JESUS CHRIST), and doesn't let the system emasculate him and destroy his character & beliefs at the same time (cause him to conform to their beliefs as most try to do in order to success).

I'm suprised though that he has stayed so long in the Hollywood scene. I guess he said throughout the 80s he was not practicing his traditional cathloic faith(what he was raised growing up- from his father's beliefs), not until around the early 90s, I think when he said he was spiritually bankrupt, wanted to die by jumping out of a building(from diane saywer interview). I know that His Faith has influenced his films since then (directing and running his production company,starting with Hamlet).

Since many Jewish people work in the "Hollywood industry" it would take courage to make a movie like "The Passion". He didn't have any backing from any company, and no distributer til Sept/03(i think).

If he is part of the NWO system behind the curtain? I don't know because he would be betraying everything his father taught him growing up, and he seems to love his father as referred to in the diane sawyer interview. I would say though that with the compassion and love he has towards His Father(he probably has similar beliefs & views on life and the world) as seen on Diane Sawyer interview:

GOD knows his heart, that is all that matters for He is the rightful Judge.

\"Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.\" John 14:6
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