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Default Re: The Protocols Removed - Can the ADL Silence Every Voice?

nomad wrote:

please do your homework and think for yourself

next time !
Bit rich, seeing as ever claim here is a copy post from elsewhere, there isn't a single original claim made that hasn't been made many times before. People even copy paste it as their own thoughts rather than linking to the article, like you're supposed to.

If it's already done, why do it yourself, link it.

And seeing as if I write long posts, counter acting ever point made in yours I get banned for aggrevating the board.

What ever you write it doesn't take away the fact that the Protocols of Zion are fiction! It doesn't matter how much you can find relations in every day life, the protocols are still FICTION.

You can find many people and organisations that adopt similar traits, but the Protocols of Zion are still a product of fiction, imaginary, a hoax, a fraud.
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