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Default Re: Gang Stalking / Canada / Web Links

Thanks, Gerry. I've talked with people in management, law enforcement, etc., who seem to have no clue about gang stalking tactics or how ubiquitous they are. In my particular case, the main techniques are:
1) False ambient sounds, such as door slamming or rapping on the walls, coordinated with sounds that I make, such as laughing, rustling the nespaper while I turn the pages, etc.
2) speaking in a "voice roll" or monotone, with repeated phrases such as, "It's so hard to face the painful reality of being watched . . .".
3) Speaking in a whispering mode, as thought there were a ghost telling me secrets; the phrase "Don't tell anybody" is usually added to a suggestion, as though it were a secret.
4) Attempts at distraction during erotic activity (which is difficult but not impossible to determine) including phrases designed to induce guilt, anger, humiliation, and frustration.
5) Rapping noises and vocal suggestions at the moment I awaken, as is evidenced by the cessation of snoring, etc.
6) Attempts at cueing or triggering responses with a tap code, usually two quick taps, or two quick taps followed by a single tap.
7) Use of trauma-based phrases in order to cause abreaction.
8) Use of certain occult practices and phrases that I will reveal only upon direct request.

Please let me know if you are familiar with this style and if so who is using it? :-x
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