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Default Maryland's DUI Checkpoints - conditioning

Plastered all over Maryland's Interstate 95 are signs like this:

So far this week, they've posted a message (something like) "Maryland DUI Checkpoints - U drink, U drive, U lose".

In typical Hegelian style, those that oppose the police state from randomly intruding with no basis whatsoever MUST BE pro-drunk driving!

Last year, over 500,000 drivers were illegally suspected of commiting the crime of DUI.

Just as 'they' planned a long, long time ago, when you make alcohol widely available (there are dozens of liquor stores within a few miles radius where I live), people get hooked, and the more people that get hooked can now be easily arrested for driving while intoxicated, and potentially locked up in prison for years.

For you, the blind who once could see,
The bell tolls for thee.
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