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Default Re: Internet Censorship

Bouncer wrote:
Hello and peace and strength to you all. Sometimes God sends fire and brimstone to his enemies, and other times he simply warns us to run away to Egypt to avoid the slaughter.

I got a helpful (?) message delivered in the past two days about how difficult it is to “defeat” the superpowers: entertainment industry, shadow government, cults and abduction networks, et al. I was advised that trying to go against them is like “attacking a tank with a pea shooter.” And this shows at once their defensive stance. They DO have their vulnerabilities, and this kind of response shows one of them. Besides, the metaphor is inappropriate (which seems to be a tradition with some people); I could care less whether I single-handedly make a dent in their armour: my job is to exercise scientific investigation, begin analysis, and release the results to the public, whether on a forum or by writing in the margins of a church bulletin. If only I could do more! Then again, if the pea shooter has the right kind of ammunition . . . :-D
I have always known that if it ever came to a battle against the superpowers, we would have a 0% chance of victory. God will dismantle this power when the time comes by unusual method. After this, a great evil will rise, and THEN, we will have our battle. For now, all we can do is prepare, and keep alive.

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