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Default Re: The Last Prophet and Universal Man

peace be upon you SeC,

This is a very well written aticle, however it shows us how the Muslims have deviated same like the Jewish and the Christians, here are some examples,

The Prophet as the founder of Islam and the messenger of God's revelation to mankind is the interpreter par excellence of the Book of God; and his Hadith and Sunnah, his sayings and actions, are after the Quran, the most important sources of the Islamic tradition.

This is just not true and is actually how Satan distorted the religion of Submission. By the introduction of this man-made books (Hadith, in Arabic means Sayings) which contains thousands of false sayings (a few are correct historical events though) attributed to Muhammad, Satan succeeded in penetrating and injecting his falsehood into the one religion. It is the same trick that he did with the Jews, by introducing the oral laws of Moses that they claimed were unwritten, this back door allowed for the introduction of the ideas of Supremacy, racism, bias against women and intolerance of others...etc. Literally the books of Jewish Talmud and Islamic Talmud (Hadith) became the manual by which Satan is directing his agents into the sole goal of destroying this planet along with his enemy, the human being.

Muhammad had one sole mission which is to deliver Quran, the final testament, he was forbidden from explaining it, but as a leader of community he had to use the CLEAR verses to judge among them.

Bear in mind that Muhammad himself is quoted in their books (Hadith) that he ordered his followers not to write anything but Quran. Now the Muslims are following another religion and law derived from these unauthorized books, for example they practice the stoning of adulterers, while in Quran the punishment is clear, the public witnessing of 100 Symbolic lashes to both parties.

And because of this deviation en masse, the Muslim world now is the most deteriorated, corrupt and defeated in the world.

When in any Islamic language one says the Prophet, it means Muhammad—whose name as such is never iterated except that as a courtesy it be followed by the formula 'Sall' Allahu 'alaihi wa sallam', that is, 'may God's blessing and salutation be upon him'.
A clear example of glorifying and exalting a creature instead of God. Thus the Muslims are duped by Satan into commemorating Muhammad's name day and night instead of remembering his Creator.


The first appearance of prophethood was in Adam,And its perfection was in the 'Seal of the Prophets'. (Whinfield translation)
The Muslims say more, they say Muhammad is "Ashraf almursaleen" or the most honorable messenger, this focusing and exalting of a creature is called idolatery (Shirk), for God says in Quran that we are not to make distinction among the messengers, all of them are equal honorable messengers. as far as we are concerned Muhammad, Jesus and MOses..etc are all equal.


the Prophet is the supreme saint in Islam without whom there would have been no sanctity whatsoever.
If this statment means the message he delivers that's onething, but if it means he in himself was the way (e.g: had the power to purify the people) it is idol-worship.


These qualities characteristic of the Prophet are contained virtually in the sound of the second Shahadah, Muhammadun rasul Allah, that is Muhammad is the Prophet of God, in its Arabic pronunciation, not in its translation into another language.
This second declaration of faith is a clear distortion, for in Quran the shahada is 'I bear witness that there is no god except God', thus the emphasis is on God and not the postman. The writer fails to realize that Islam (Submission) is a religion that comes from Abraham, all the way through Moses, Jesus who delievered different stages of the same religion, Muhammad was to deliver the last stage which is the final testament, the final law, Quran. Thus the declaration of faith for all of these messengers before Muhammad couldn't have possibly carried his name. Quran confirms that Abraham was the first to be given the five pillars of Submission, and not Muhammad.



In the traditional prayers on the Prophet which all Muslims recite on certain occasions, God's blessing and salutation are asked for the Prophet who is God's servant ('abd), His messenger (rasul), and the unlettered Prophet (al-nabi al-ummi). For example, one well-known version of the formula of benediction upon the Prophet is as follows:'Oh, God, bless our Lord Muhammad, Thy servant and Thy Messenger, the unlettered Prophet, and his family and his companions, and salute them.'
Quran tells us that when somebody dies his relation with this world is severed, thus no salutation would be heard by them. This is another example of idolatery, a horrendous crime that was later extended to all the family members of Muhammad, including Ali and his sons (revered by the Shi'a). Idolatery is simply to attribute the power (knowledge, beauty, wisdom..etc) to a creature instead or besides God, because Satan uses these creatures to force us into submission to him, into beleiving his lie that he has power indpendent of God. To conclude i should say that the Sunni idolize Muhammad and the Shia idolize Ali, same like what the Christians and the Jews did when the idolized Jesus and the Talmud writers, instead of the one absolute god.

However we have good news, that this deviation will be corrected and Satan's respite is coming to an end soon, check the prophecy on my website.
God\'s alternative, USN

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