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Default Re: Counter-Propaganda Science, new term instead of "conspiracy theory"

Good one. I'm tired of the marginalization of those who oppose systemic social engineering and the widescale disinformation of the public about vital public matters.

For example, they keep banging away at the concept of "desesitisation through violence in the media." Nice try, guys. There is a lot more that happens to people who consume a steady diet of gore and violence. One effect is the tanking out of serotonin. Depressed serotonin levels affect your emotions, sleep, diet, and a whole host of other things. And that is just one of the things suppressed by the so-called Mental Health Industry. Another effect of violence in the media can be modeled quite easily by Neurolinguistics. Except that NLP is still in the shadows because it still has a high utility for the political mafia. Go figure.
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