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Default Re: The Last Prophet and Universal Man

I agree with most of everything you shared except for Quote #5. Yes, we need to place more importance on worshipping only God, but the addition of Muhammed in the Shahadah speaks to us also obeying God. It is God who tells us to believe in him and to follow Muhammed. He goes on to state that if we do not follow Muhammed then we are not believers in God. So the addition of Muhammed in the shahadah is to direct man to the fact that yes we are to believe in God, but faith without works is a dead matter (this is Bible). So in the shahadah Muhammed is added to give man direction on how to live a life in submission to God. Man needs direction on how to engage this material world as a means of submission to God. The Prophets were sent by God to give us direction on how to engage this world as believers in God. So this is why it is important for the prophet's name to be in the shahadah. It simply means that we believe in God (faith) and as a witness of our belief in this God, we will conduct our lives based on the guidance sent to us by God through the example of his last Prophet Muhammed (good works). Faith + good works = Paradise, both on earth and in Heaven. The Quran states that there are two heavens.
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