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Default Re: Is Bible more History or Prophecy?

Somehow I wonder if all of this is self fulfilling prophecy.. In other words.. Who benefits from the fulfillment of these words?.. If it happens to be the very people who wrote these words .. Should I not be suspicious?.. Perhaps everything that was ever written is lies.. to get us to be in servitude to the authors of these words.

I don't believe any of the Old Testament.. I believe in the four Gospels.

But wait a minute.. The New
World Order hates Torah believing Jews that are descendants of the bloodline of Abraham more than they hate Christians, and Muslims.

That leads me to believe that The NWO is racist, and a bunch of white Eastern Europeans who want to rid the world of God's chosen... The Palis are the same race (bloodline as the Jews).. and if you check google you will see that they are the same race.

In otherwords, what we got here is a bunch of Eastern European dudes (From Bavaria) pretending to be of the blood of Abraham, in order to swipe the oil from the entire Middle East and, the American soldiers are fighting and dying for this lie of monumental proportions?.

I can't take it no more... It makes me want to barf.
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