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Default Re: Wealth in the Light of Initiatic Science


"People love money because instinctively they feel it represents everything life has to offer. But they have confused things: they mistake gold, which comes from the sun and is the symbol of life, for life itself. Just as life provides everything, they believe gold (or let us say money, since this is the word most commonly used) also provides everything. They assign an importance to it that they no longer give to life, because they have lost their life. They tremble at the idea that someone might rob them of their money, and they take unimaginable precautions to protect it. Look at the banks: they have become veritable fortresses. Nothing is better guarded and protected than their safes. Why do people not tremble as well at the thought of losing their life, the very quintessence God has placed in them and which makes them his sons and daughters? Since they are his children and all the riches of the universe belong to them, is it not more desirable to work to reinforce their life, to intensify it, than to lose it in the pursuit of a few trinkets?"

Omraam MikhaŰl A´vanhov
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