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Default Re: The Protocols Removed - Can the ADL Silence Every Voice?

nomad wrote:
Bondi you have no interest in seeking the truth
Of this you are truly mistaken, I merely have no wish to waste time on issues that have already been done to death. As previoulsy mentioned I only stated that the Protocols were not a real document, which is fact. You can't get much more truth than that.

If the original post was made in the context that present day "groups" have incorporated the direction of the fictional Protocols of Zion it would of been quite accurate and I wouldn't of disagreed with the post.

In fact I can quite plainly see what the poster is getting at, and I was merely correct a part of it, as to the authenticity of the document at the centre of the topic.

nomad wrote:
so please and politely stick your head

in where your brain is located.
I would ask you kindly engage yours.

nomad wrote:
You were asked to prove your point with the

actual words of the Protocols and you declined.
I was asked to prove that individuals/groups were not acting in concordance or inline with the Protocols, a point I never made.

nomad wrote:
I don't even think you ever read this document.
My source of information regarding the Protocols would be Herman Bernstein, he writes books, it's not something I read online.

Highly recommend it actually, it reproduces the complete text of the book of Joly, the text of the news articles that appeared in the Times Newspaper, the complete text of the Protocols, and other authentic documents (that would be paper items, not screen produced sites with flickering images)

The main problem with the Protocols of Zion, which are meant to be the production of the "Elders of Zion" also known as the "Wise of Zion" is that the group never existed, there is no shred of evidence of such a group.

The Protocols that were "discovered" were the minutes of a meeting of this group, that is the original claim and the only true claim to the document and it's reason for existance. Anything else has been added through time.

Now even at the time of the supposed "meeting" minutes were already much the same as they are today, attendees, apologies for absence, agenda, brief notes on discussion and resolution etc etc and at least a secretaries signature, although at the time if was customary for all attendees to sign as verification that all detailed was correct.

Now simple argument would be if they were secret they would name, sign etc, but in the same principle they would be more secretive of their agenda than anything else.

The Protocols themselves are a hash of previously created items, depicting the Jewish conspiracy for world domination, such as Biarritz and Le Juif, le judaïsme et la judaïsation des peuples chrétiens (french in origin, although I think you can get a tranlsated version to read online somewhere).

The Protocols were first utilised in Russia to help increase hate towards the jewish population and lessen the political influence of Witte (Count)

The document wasn't even known as the Protocols until it was translated in France and was given the title.

Would be worth looking up Father Werchobsky regarding the Protocols, I believe he was the first one state out loud they were fake.

If you feel my knowledge is not worthy comment then fair enough, but I would be interested to see where your info on the Protocols comes from?
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