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Default Re: Wealth in the Light of Initiatic Science

Wealth in the Light of Initiatic Science V

Half of my life has been spent in poverty and privations of all kinds and it is thanks to these conditions that I have been able to practise and make so man experiments. Everybody thinks that, if only they had a little laboratory somewhere, they could do all kinds of experiments. They don't realize that they have the best and most perfectly equipped laboratory in themselves; their whole being. And they take this laboratory with them wherever they go. When I understood that I possessed this laboratory, I started to do thousands of experiments - and I still do so. Whereas, if I had been rich, I might well have led a life of ostentatious pleasure and profligacy. Why not? That is what wealth leads to. At least, if you are not rich, you are not in the same danger. Wealth is a great temptation; you have to be very strong to live in opulence and have a spiritual life as intense as it would be if you were poor. Why do you think hermits went to live in the desert? Why are monks required to take the vow of poverty? Because an authentic spiritual life requires a great deal of self-renunciation and inner effort and wealth is not the condition most conductive to this.

I make no secret of my ambition to become the richest man on earth - spiritually speaking, that is. You will say that this is excessive. Not at all; I am only exercising the right that the Lord has given to each one of us, to become richer, more intelligent and more powerful than anyone else. He tells us, even commands us, to do so, for Jesus said, 'Therefore you shall be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect.' The Lord is the richest, the wisest and the most beautiful of all; He is the noblest and the purest, and we have not only the right but the duty to resemble Him. So, there you are: my ambition is to become perfect. This is my God-given right. It is only narrow-minded, ignorant human beings who wax indignant and declare that it is insufferable pride on my part. No, to want to be perfect is not pride; it is something quite different. As you see, as the days go by, more and more notions get straightened out in your minds.
My dear brothers and sisters, so many errors are possible without this Initiatic knowledge. Nowhere else will you hear that the reason for poverty and wealth can often be traced back to previous incarnations and that many of today's beggars and down-and-outs are people who once used their wealth for evil purposes. Faced with this problem of inequality in men's fortune, a Christian will say, 'It's God's will'. Yes, that is how they envisage the will of God: as an injustice, a purely arbitrary decision.

One day, Mullah Nashrudin (The name of a popular figure of fun in Turkish folklore) came into the village pub with a sackful of walnuts. He had several walnut trees in his garden and was in a generous mood - a rare occurence in his life - so he had decided to share his nuts with his friends. Some of them were probably inedible already, but no matter! Anyway, he comes in at the door, dumps his sack on the floor and shouts, 'Ho, there, my friends, I have some nuts for you. How shall I distribute theirs?' Naturally, everybody was convinced that the Lord showed greater justice than men, so they told him to do as the Lord does. 'Right!' says Mullah Nashrudin and, picking up his sack, he goes to the first man and giving them anything, he stops and empties the entire contents in front of the last man. 'Hey, Nashrudin', they all shout, 'That's not fair! It's unjust!' 'Buzt that is exactly how the Lord distributes things' says Mullah Nashrudin, 'He gives nothing to some and everything to others!' And this is how the Church understands the question.

The truth is that God has given everything to all of us: water, air, warmth, light and even the prāna and all kinds of beneficial elements that exist on the subtle planes. And, that being so, why are we still so poor and indigent? Because we don't know how to capture and absorb those elements. Only Initiates know how to do this. Everyone else thinks that life is poor, that the Lord has not given them anything. But He has, He has given them everything: everything is theirs for the taking. It is just that they are too spineless and lazy, too stupid and too blind to see it, so they remain poor. It is human beings themselves that restrict themselves so severely. They are content to eat, drink and breathe, that is to say to feed on the solid, liquid and gaseous elements, but they ignore the fiery elements, fire and light. This is why mankind is degenerating: because it is not properly nourished. To be properly nourished we need all four elements and this means that it is very important to be present as the sun rises, so as to see and absorb the fire and light that pours from it in such abundance every day. Fire is the most essential of the four elements. It is possible to go without food for several days: prisoners who went on a hunger-strike have held out for as long as sixty days. To go without drinking is more difficult; you cannot do without water for more than a few days. To go without air is even more difficult; you can't stop breathing for more than three or four minutes at most. And fire? 'That's easy', you might say, 'I've survived a whole winter without a fire!' Yes, you can get along without heating in winter, perhaps, but I'm not talking about external warmth; I'm talking about the warmth of the heart. The instant a man's heart loses its warmth, he dies. Of all the four elements, the one that is most important for life is fire. But human beings are bent on dissipating this sacred fire, this warmth, in their pleasures and follies and, in this way, they are shortening their lives. If they knew how to preserve this fire, they would live for centuries.

A human being can be compared to a multi-stage rocket. When all the fuel in the first stage has been used, the burners in the second stage are lit and, when the second lot of fuel is exhausted, the third stage fires and so on; in this way, the rocket can continue in flight for a long time. When a man dies, therefore, it means that he has failed to fire the burners in the next stage. He could have lived longer, for he still has some fuel left.

Everything is at our disposal: God has filled the atmosphere and the rivers, lakes and mountains of the world, even the stars, with everything we need. He has kept nothing back for Himself. But, as human beings are incapable of reaching out to grasp all this wealth, they remain poor and miserable. Try, henceforth, through meditation and contemplation, to reach up to the highest planes so as to garner some of these elements. They are there, waiting for you; there are no'Keep out' signs up there. the 'Keepout' signs are in you, because you are not strong, pure and intelligent enough. Believe me, everything you need is there, ready and waiting for you if you are capable of reaching out for it.

Light, warmth, space, the stars - they are all at our disposal. It is we who fail to use them. The Lord distributes everything; no one is more generous than Him.

Take life, for example: life is present all around us in water, in rocks and trees and, above all, in the air and the sun, but we die because our bodies are unable to draw on that life. God is just and supremely generous; He has never said that His riches were for some and not for others. If we have never done anything to enable us to benefit from them, it is not His fault. This is why we have to study and train ourselves, otherwise we shall go through one incarnation after another in the same condition of poverty and misery and the same attitude of recrimination against the Lord. The thing that really amazes me is that Christians can continue to believe in a God as monstrous as they conceive Him to be. They pray to Him and love Him but, in their ignorance, they have invented a monster. No other Teaching glorifies God as much as ours does. Look around you and you will see the strange notions other Teachings try to give you.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
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