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Default Re: The Last Prophet and Universal Man

nomad wrote:
How do you explain Apollo's Oracle at Delphi, which prophesized for over 1,700 years with a batting average far higher than anything seen in the Bible (New or Old Testament)?

psholtz PLEASE explain in detail ... I am very

interested in learning more.

As for Islam ... again I refer anybody to the facts

1 Billion + Muslims controlled by less than

13 million Hebrews.

Remember how Joseph ruled over the Egyptian

economy ?

Here is proof that NOTHING has changed ...

This is Ben Bernanke, the present day head of the

Federal Reserve.

Well, I dunno.. Like I've said before (in different ways), I prefer to believe that *everyone* is controlled by and answers to God on some level, whether they be Jew, Zionist or Gentile. Moreover, I don't (personally) regard these people like Greenspan, Bednarke, and more especially Kissinger as "Jews" per se. To me, a Jew is someone is comes from a certain religious heritage and who makes a heartful attempt to know and love God as per the traditions of that religious heritage.

More power to 'em.. Every man has every right to worship God in whatever manner he feels is most appropriate.

But I don't detect such piety in the men whose names I just listed above. These are more of the school of Revelations 3:9 "Jews", if anything. They are a danger to themselves and to the world they live in, and they will have a lot to answer for once they cross into the grave, as all humans inevitably one day will..

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