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Default Re: The Last Prophet and Universal Man

nomad wrote:
How do you explain Apollo's Oracle at Delphi, which prophesized for over 1,700 years with a batting average far higher than anything seen in the Bible (New or Old Testament)?

psholtz PLEASE explain in detail ... I am very

interested in learning more.

As for Islam ... again I refer anybody to the facts

1 Billion + Muslims controlled by less than

13 million Hebrews.

Remember how Joseph ruled over the Egyptian

economy ?

Here is proof that NOTHING has changed ...

This is Ben Bernanke, the present day head of the

Federal Reserve.

Besides, the Jews don't always control money everywhere they go.. they merely have a track record of manipulating monetary policy through usury (say what you will about how "underhanded" such an approach is). The Christian Templars controlled the finances of Christian Europe for a good long time, America (more or less) controlled her own finances until 1913, and I've heard (although haven't confirmed) that Jews were not permitted to deal in finance *at all* in the Holy Roman Eastern Empire.

There's much about Jewish heritage that is worthwhile and worth honoring (if you're Jewish), but the track record of dealing in usury is not one of them. Don't play into your own stereotypes.. ;-)

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