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Default Re: The Last Prophet and Universal Man

nomad wrote:
How do you explain Apollo's Oracle at Delphi, which prophesized for over 1,700 years with a batting average far higher than anything seen in the Bible (New or Old Testament)?

psholtz PLEASE explain in detail ... I am very

interested in learning more.
How many prophecies are there in the OT? Something like 500 maybe? (I'm just guessing, but that seems like a decent guess). Compare that to the Oracle at Delphi, which was visited by hundreds of people annually for a period of over 1,700 years, and I'm guessing that to be that popular among that many people for that long, it had to be issuing prophecies that were correct more often than they were incorrect.

Point is, on any given year, the Oracle at Delphi issued more prophecies than you can find in the entire OT.. and even if the success rate was as low as 10% (and I think there's reason to believe, judging from classical Greek and Roman sources, that it was closer to 80-90% correct on average), over a period of 1,700 years you still have far, far, far more accurate and fulfilled prophecies than you do in the Bible.. ;-)

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