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Default Re: Congressional Hearing into BOMBING of New Orleans Levees

Call Me An Idealist, But We Are, :-o :-o :-o

Pissing "Eternity" Into The Wind...

"nomad" wrote:
Jimbo from the look on George Bush's face during

this debacle it appears that they keep him in

the dark in all these events ... this makes for

a more believable coverup.
I am not disagreeing w/ you. I just think that, “everything” has gone downhill since he took office. Because of him, Congress was placed out of the loop, as far as deciding & initiating war. None of the evidence & reports indicating that there were no WMDs in Iraq were taken seriously, All “whistleblowers” were either “gagged or discredited,” & all the “yes men” were promoted. In fact they created their own intelligence group to provide them w/ the intelligence they wanted. That’s another fact. It was all obviously fabricated (from the Top down). “No Questions” asked. They got the “Pearl Harbor” of the “New American Century” they wanted. It is obvious “who” is at the “helm of our ship.” If we “hit a rock & run aground,” we only have “1 person to blame,” including “everyone else who is following the leader down the path of self-destruction.” We deserve better. Humanity deserves better. Everything was way better before he took office. They can try to cover it up w/ anything they want, but the facts remain. They can blame anyone they want, but the facts remain. He wanted a new “Pearl Harbor,” WMDs in Iraq, to destroy Saddam, Iraq’s Oil, to continue building Oil Pipelines (super-highways) in the Middle-East, to be exempt from the jurisdiction of the ICC (International Criminal Court), exempt from the “Geneva Convention”, & thus exempt from “war crimes” against humanity, go after the “Axis Of Evil,” Neo-Democracy by force to the world, secret “Free Trade” agreements since the early 1990s, open borders w/ Canada & Mexico,… millions of guest workers to “exploit,” to destroy the “American workforce,” & the list goes on. Everything we are now experiencing is a direct result of their actions, & nothing else. They can only have themselves to blame. If they would have been listening to “We The People,” none of this would have ever taken place. If the “Checks & Balances” our forefathers left behind would have not been “adulterated” with, none of this would have ever happened.

When Hitler was “on his way down,” it was everyone around him that continued to listen to him that “helped him destroy everything” that had not yet been destroyed. He was “the evil” behind all of that destruction, yet those who obediently followed his command are the reason why everything did get destroyed at the end. They were the “evil hands” behind his “evil brain.”

The parallels are “scary,” very “scary”…

If one chooses to die in the name of “Freedom,” one still has to make another much more important choice. You have to decide whether you are going to die for “True Freedom,” or “False Freedom.” Those who choose “False Freedom” are still going to “hell,” anyway you look at it, & thus are “eternally damned.” “True Freedom” benefits all of mankind, & including “not just a few wealthy pigs.” It is a very tough choice. No one said it was going to be easy. However, “eternity” is a very long time to piss into the wind…

Thank God for "Freedom Of Speech"...
Freedom is to understand, & to be unbounded by that Freedom -
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