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Default Keeping your computer running smoothly

Because we all have problems with our PCs once in awhile, I thought I would gather some of the programs I use that diagnose different aspects of my computer,
First one is a free online analysis of the working condition of your computer, PC Pitstop, , run full test.
Second one is a scan that tells you if your drivers are good or bad and for a price you have unlimited access for as many computers you have, even if you don't want or can't buy it, run it anyways to check your drivers,
Third is a free modem speed test, this one is for cable modems,
This one is for dial up,
Fourth, even though I have an anti virus on my machine, I also run an online scan, just to make sure that mine hasn't missed anything, and it has a couple of times, and although your not supposed to run two anti virus programs on the same machine, this program will ad a file to bypass this conflict, the site is , the first time you use it, it takes some time to load, but future test run pretty fast.
Let me know if any of these helped you.
Also if you use a different online program let others know.

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