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Default Re: Communism vs. Capitalism

Communism vs. Capitalism II

So, as you can see, I am in favour of wealth; it is necessary. The only thing is that I have never looked for wealth on the physical plane because, on this plane, it is a burden. You always have to think about it in order to keep it, and that means a life of suspicion and anxiety. Wealth is fine, but it never leaves you in peace for one minute. And not only that: if you are weak, sensual of vindictive, it can very quickly make a wreck of you, morally and even physically, because it makes it possible for you to indulge yourself to excess. Yes, wealth is good, but you have to be very strong if you are to put it to good use.

And what about poverty? Well, poverty is not so marvellous either, for the poor are always humilated and obliged to submit to others; they can never fulfill their noblest aspirations. Poverty is not really very wonderful. In fact, if St. Francis of Assisi came back today, he would get hardly anyone to follow him. Everything is very different now; times have changed. In St. Francis' day, men were capable of living in constant awareness of the divine world and of eternal life; today, they are so deeply plunged into the world of matter and so avid for comfort and ease that, no matter how much you talk to them about Heaven, no one is interested.

In the past, the poor were quite ready to accept that others were rich. In fact, the belief was deeply rooted in the soul of the people that, if God gave a man wealth, it was because he deserved it; no one found anything to quarrel with in that. Wealth, like intelligence and beauty, was considered a gift and no one questioned a person's right to it. But nowadays, as soon as someone has a little more than his neighbours, they are all there, saying, 'Why? Why him? Why not me?' Even if someone is a nonentity, a complete bungler, he still thinks he has every right. Yes, this is how it is today, and this is why we see wise men living in poverty while fools strut about in luxury.

And yet poverty is a blessing for those who are wise enough to understand it for it allows them to evolve, to advance on the path that leads to God. Those who are uninterested in approaching the Deity want everything they can get here and, because their ambition is for the things of the earth, for material possessions, thier life is a constant series of quarrels, turbulence and crime. A wise man will never start a revolution in order to become rich. on the contrary, he will say, 'If people only knew how rich I am! I'm rich as Croesus. Richer than Midas!

Everything I touch turns gold.' And all the other poor wretches, who have no idea how to become spiritually rich, spend their time fighting each other for material possessions.

Now, one of this means that I think emloyers have the right to exploit workers. No, those who exploit others are not intelligent either. Look at the way the cells of our bodies behave: they don't try to exploit each other; on the contrary, they all try to help each other. When one organ is deficient, another one compensates in order to restore the balance. Some really extraordinary examples of this have been seen.

I realize, of course, that what I am saying may not be understood; it is not possible, in the space of an hour and a half, to say everything that needs to be said about problems that have never ceased to torment mankind. But I can try, at least, to get you to reflect on them.

From my point of view, true wealth is in the realm of the soul and the spirit; this is where i look for it. And I know that, if I have that wealth, I shall also have material wealth: it will come to me of its own accord. Of course, for the time being, this correspondence between inner and outer wealth cannot be seen here, on earth. And yet it is a cosmic law: external wealth must correspond to inner wealth and external poverty must correspond to inner poverty. In nature, this is so: the animals, plants and minerals that contain a wealth of chemical, nutritional and mediacal properties are also outwardly rich in matter, form and colour. But, because they have free will, human beings have diverted and distorted things and those who are inwardly richer than others in patience, love, intelligence, generosity and purity are often outwardly poorer. And those who are poorest in qualities and virtues are the richest in outward things.

Actually, as this law cannot lie, we can sometimes see its manifestation in people's faces or bodies. Every lofty, luminous thought and every harmonious sentiment creates corresponding geometrical forms. And every dark thought and unbridled passion creates chaotic forms. This is why those who possess intelligence, love and purity will always attract to themselves gold and precious stones and all that is best in creation. Believe me: this is a universal law. And the others, those who are inwardly poor, dirty and decrepit will always attract conditions that correspon to their inner state. This, too, is the law. you must say, ' Oh, that's a great conclusion!' but, in point of fact, you shouldn't even think about that; you should only think about working to acquire spiritual wealth so as to be in a position to help others and to heal, console and guide them. Every other kind of wealth is a burden.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
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