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Default Re: Communism vs. Capitalism

Capitalism vs. Communism IV

Communists are proud of their philosophy; they feel generous and altruistic. But, as they know nothing about the structure of human beings, they don't know that to improve their material conditions while rejecting all their spiritual aspirations can only result in disaster. In the long run, they become dishonest, deceitful and cruel animals. A Communist who fails to cultivate his spiritual, mystical dimension, ends by becoming as bad as the worst Capitalist: unjust, violent, authoritarian and always ready to misuse his strenght and power. So many examples are there to show that, in spite of their magnificient philosophy, a great many Communists end by betraying their principles. Yes, because it is easy to adopt an ideal philosophy, but it is much more difficult to put it into practice in one's everyday life; and yet that is the one thing that is essential.

Cosmic Intelligence has designed human beings in such a way that they cannot reach perfection unless they maintain ties with a higher world which alerts them to possible dangers and gives them light and strength. A man who relies exclusively on his own limited intellect can neither foresee nor fully understand events, with the result that he makes catastrophic mistakes in every area. All those for whom power lies in technology, industry and material progress and who imagine that, because they have all these things at their command, even God is going to obey them, are bound, sooner or later, to bite the dust. When their conduct is inspired exclusively by their desire to lord it over everyone else and ignores the intentions of Cosmic Intelligence, they stir up ceratin layers of the physical and psychic atmosphere and provoke the hostility of fearful powers and forces which unleash a terrible reaction.

There are some tremendous surprises in store for political thinkers and heads of State who deceide to solve problems without studying the underlying nature of man. For the need for spiritual nourishment will awaken in the breasts of the oppressed with such force that nothing, neither threats nor prisons nor death, will persuade them to give it up. And this will come about in the near future. This is why Russia faces the choice between being attacked by other powerful and well-armed powers of changing its attitude and replacing its form of communism by the true communism of Christ. When Russia does this it will be playing a truly glorious role because it will bring a new culture and a new spiritual civilisation to the whole world.

I know, of course, that, for several years, Russia has been conducting research into parapsychological phenomena. But what is the purpose of this research? They are trying to find out if these means can be used to detect the thoughts and plans of others and emit waves to influence them and act on their minds. In this way, they hope to be able to subject others to their own will and get them to serve their interests. Obviously, the people who do this have no knowledge of Initiatic Science. As long as their only aim is to dominate other countries - ecen to the point of trying to kill people by sending them objects impregnated with noxious emanations - it proves that they are only interested in gratifying their lower, destructive, demonic nature. And this is black magic. I have known people who dabbled in this dangerous field and they have all disappeared. Yes, because they were ignorant fools who aroused within themselves forces as dark as those they were trying to manipulate and these forces simply annihilated them.

Several times in the course of history whole continents have disappeared with all their inhabitants for no other reason than that they refused to acknowledge that higher forces and intelligences existed and that man must live in harmony with them.
And now, the Aquarian age is going to bring tremendous upheavals which will oblige the survivors to understand that there are laws which must be respected. The beauty, splendour and harmony of the new life that is being prepared is beyond imagination. All the creatures throughout the world who are secretly at work to bring about the Kingdom of God will unite and work together with such grandiose means that the strongholds of ignorance, materialism and despotism will crumble. This I am telling you and it will be so. Nothing will be strong enough to stand in the way of the new era, the Golden Age that has been foretold by many prophets, particularly by Nostradamus. This is why I say to all those who are unaware of these great truths: 'All of you who run after wealth and world domination so frantically, I warn you that, even if you succeed, you will never be satisfied. You are squandering all your most precious energies in pursuit of things that cannot last, that will disappear without a trace or, if they do leave a trace in the minds of men, it will be one of horror that will arouse the indignation and abhorrence of future generations.' Did Genghis Khan, Tamerlane, Attila, Nero, Hitler or Stalin leave traces fo glory? No, their triumph was short-lived and soon forgotten.

It is time, now, to guide young people in a different direction. If I said that I knew pedagogical methods that exist nowhere on earth because they consist in starting the education of children even before they are born, all the educators in the world would be up in arms to prevent me from doing anything about it. I could give you proof of the efficacy of my method but I am prevented from doing so. for years and years, my application for French citizenship has been refused and, in this way, I am deprived of the means of helping your country to become the torch-bearer of humanity.

Thousands of foreigners have been naturalized, but I have been refused. Of course, I know why: apparently even the C.I.A suspected me of being a Soviet spy, but they have never been able to prove their suspicions.

And shall I tell you what I told an eminent jurist (a very nice, intelligent man) with whom I was discussing the situation? I said, 'It's true that I belong to the secret service of another country, but I know so many tricks that it is impossible to catch me out. In spite of all the inquiries and investigations that have been carried out, no one has ever been able to pin anything on me; that's because I'm much too wily, much too far-sighted and wary. I think we should tell those responsible for the security of France that they should come and take lessons from me and learn how I deal with cases of this kind.' He began to laugh because, of course, he understood that I was joking. Then I told him, 'But now I've started to write memoirs and I want to talk about all my exploits as a spy. The trouble is, though, that I have a problem: I can't for the life of me remember the names of the people I have met or of the countries and towns I have been to. I can't even remember the dates. What a disaster to lose one's memory to such degree!' 'I can tell already that your book is going to be a best-seller', he said, 'Everybody will read it'. And he began to laugh, too.

My dear brothers and sisters, Heaven has given me a philosophy that is capable of transforming every living creature on condition, of course, that they adopt it. And if there are people who want to do away with me - as, in the past, there have always been some who wanted to do away with those who brought something good, something just and divine to the world - they should remember that those who are massacred in this way always end by being glorified and sanctified. Even their ideas spread, for when they reincarnate, they have other powers and possibilities with which to continue the work that was interrupted. Whereas those who massacred them will also be eliminated... but they will be neither glorified nor sanctified. So, why do they persist in their ignorance of these sublime truths instead of working for a new order, for the one great family of the Universal White Brotherhood?

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
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