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Default Re: Communism vs. Capitalism

So, as you see, the true capitalist is an Initiate; he gets richer and richer every day. And he is also a true communist, for he spends his days and nights distributing his fruits. But he keeps his capital, for he could do nothing without it. Suppose someone comes to me and says, 'What a magnificient violin you have; do give it to me!' If I'm a true capitalist, I will say, 'No, I won't give you my violin; it's my private property. But you can come here every day and I'll play it for you.' But young people, girls and boys, give away their violin - their heart - and then, when they have lost it, they weep and wail, 'What given it away! A poor girl gives her heart to a boy who is so clumsy that the first thing he does is drop it. And then she cries because her heart is broken. If she had had any sense she would have known that the boy didn't need two hearts. In Bulgaria we say that you cannot carry two water melons under one arm. Keep your hearts, therefore - don't give them to anyone but the Lord - but distribute your sentiments to others. This is the best way to understand things.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
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