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Default Re: The Last Prophet and Universal Man

nomad wrote:
psholtz sounds interesting ... if you have the time

I would love to learn which prophecies came true ...

Another question, Was anything as scientifically

advanced as predicting that the entire human

race will be chipped and tracked one day prophesized

by the Oracle ?
Classical writers (e.g., Cicero or Plutarch) speak of the Oracle at Delphi w/ the highest possible reverence. It stands to reason that most of its "prophecies" came true (if you believe in that sort of thing). Bear in mind also that the OT is littered w/ "prophecies" that never have come true, and that never will come true. Micah 5:2-6 is a nice example, and a favoriate of Christians. It concerns a prophecy concerning a great Jewish "leader" who will be born in Bethlehem (Micah 5:2). Little do Christians bother to check that in the very next verse, this leader is prophesized as leading a great army into Assyria and destroying Israel's northern neighbor.

Huh... hardly Christ-like, all the moreso when you realize that Assyria had been destroyed for something like 700 years by the time that Christ was born, and that moreover it was the Babylonians who had destroyed Assyria, not some Jew from Bethlehem. Soo... chalk up Micah 5:2 to one of the OT's (many) failed "prophecies".. It never did come true and it never will.

Last time I read Revelations, I saw nothing about microchips or global multination corporations tracking every consumer purchase.. Perhaps you're reading the New Intergalatic Space Cadet edition of the Bible? Being old-fashioned as I am, I make due w/ the King James, the NIV and the Lamsa editions (as well as a nice Greek/Hebrew concordance and a Stone edition Chumash). Add to that the fact that Relevations is probably the most misunderstood piece of literature ever written, and .. I'm not sure we're on the same wavelength concerning that.

I can assure you for a fact that there will be no such mass microchiping of the human population. A few ninnies here and there, mainly in government, are going ahead w/ the procedure, but at the same time, this "apocalypse" or "armageddon" or call-it-what-you-will of the ages is much further along than you believe it to be. The final "war" (so to speak) will only last a very short while (relatively speaking), and although it will result in the deaths of a greater part of humanity, the end result is that there will be no NWO and there will be no mass "microchipping" of the human population.

The evil men who stalk this earth (NWO) have much less time on their hands they think they do.. in fact, I daresay they have far less time left than you believe they do. The best thing for us to focus on now is how to prepare for Reconstruction and how to teach posterity NEVER to repeat the mistakes that this evil and sinful generation has committed...

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