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Default Re: Hidden Sciences and Human Possibilities

To Max and Draken...i agree. I dont think it's outside the scope of this forum.

I have a background in healh care.

I love the human body. It's an absoloute miracle!

I have many friends involved in research areas and will tell a few stories.

I also have a large collection of documentaries and am always recording from my digital t.v tuner card.

I have Sony Vegas 5 for converting to web format.

I only have 30 meg of space so am limited.

Is there anyway that we could get together and produce a large website dedicated purely to this site with relevant video's and audio?

It would be a resource purely for people here to keep costs down?

As for getting the message out Max...from my personal experience I've found simply talking to people. Not terribly sexy but by relating my experiences from nursing and other interesting aspects of my life i've had quite an effect. All by myself.

I also believe focussing on these 3 things helps as people can instantly relate...

Oil Industry scam.
Central Banking scam
Drug dealing by states and the Western intelligence services and others.

Just by simply telling some one..."hey, how do you feel about paying $1 a litre for fuel when it shoots out of the ground and costs around 50c to $1 a barrel to produce"?

"Hey, how do you feel about the fact that a bunch of private bankers produce money out of thin air and then charge you interest and then make out they're doing you a big favour?"

"Hey, before the last bomb was dropped in Afghanistan the Northern Allience had the poppies planted. Ex Delta and SAS are escorting the war lords around. Sattelites can pick up your number plate but the government is helpless to stop drugs"?

This always seems to get people thinking.
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