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Default Re: The Protocols Removed - Can the ADL Silence Every Voice?

Drew_J wrote:
Time for you to either wake up or go back over this thread.
I think maybe a time-out is in order here, as there seems to be some crossed wires and presumptions being made.

The original post by barbara was a very good one, including the phrase "While The Protocols have been thoroughly discredited the document is still being used to stir up anti-Semitic hatred especially throughout the Arab world." which keeps the Protocols exactly where they should be as a document, fictional. However amply implies and show the use of the protocols by people preceding their creation. It also depicts the reason for the hoax document. No problems.

I liked the thread which is why I popped back to see how it was going.

I only slung in my post because, IMO, the Protocols were beginning to be portrayed as something "real" and not made up.

Maybe be the way I read it, granted, but my post didn't contradict anything of the original and merely highlighted the FACT the protocols were a hoax document.

Drew_J wrote:
What I and others have said is the plan outlined in the protocols had it's birth with the Rothschilds and/or the Priory of Sion. We are saying that it was written in a way to inflame anti-semites to get us distracted from seeing the plan outlined in this document unfold over time.
When did the Rothschilds become a "power" family?

Drew_J wrote:
You have shown yourself to be incapable of many things:

1. Remembering the stipulation of other posters including myself that the conspiracy is Luciferian/Satanic but not Jewish.
2. Realizing that the protocols were written in a certain way to frame Jews and shield the Luciferians.
3. Realizing the Luciferian protocols are in fact coming true and have been fulfilled by Zionist activity over the last one hundred years. I still can't get over protocols 16 and how it relates to Arnold the terminator.
1) I have stated the document was a hoax, and used in Russia to fuel Jewish hatred. Don't recall saying it was a Jewish conpsiracy, or who's conspiracy it was.

2) Does not saying they were used to fuel hatred towards Jewish population not equate to "Frame Jews"?

3) Like I said before, applying details in hindsight is easily done. For the most famous of Nostradamus prediction you can apply a couple of world events that meet the criteria, doesn't mean they are the ones seen. Alot of it, if you think about it, are eventualities. There is a first for everything, when man first started looking to the stars many foretold that man would reach space, visit other planets.

It's progression, looking at todays world you could write 10 things you think will happen, man on mars, Ireland becoming one country, Europe becoming one nation under one rule, England winning a cricket match blah blah. All plausible and some more likely than others, England winning a cricket match is alittle far fetched maybe LOL, but that doesn't mean there is a plan to help these things happen.

Drew_J wrote:
Given that the protocols have their origin in the Rothschilds,
How have you come to this conclusion? Curiousity, that's all.
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