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Default Re: The Last Prophet and Universal Man

nomad wrote:
psholtz I WORK in the industry and I can tell

you that RFIDs are planned on everything

and it will be connected with an IP address ...

IBM is one source of the technology ... recently

cows will be chipped to trace its path from birth

to death so the public is better protected of course

... who do you think are the next cattle

to be chipped ? ... read Revelation again !
I do not for a moment doubt the truth of what you are saying, in the sense that the ninnies who run these global corporations (in their ignorance) *believe* that they can microchip every human, and they (in their ignorance) *believe* that they can control the fate and destiny of the entire globe. But again, I will say, these fools do *not* control the world, nor they even control a small fraction of it, and they will (sooner rather than later) destroy themselves as a consequence of their own sin and ignorance.

The world is ruled by a much higher power, a power which is benevolent, although exceedingly, exceedingly just and a power which holds each and every human Soul accountable for every word it spake, every action it took and every thought which crossed its mind while incarnated here on Earth (i.e., a power which demands repentance of sin unto the "uttermost farthing", as it were).

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