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Default Re: The Protocols Removed - Can the ADL Silence Every Voice?

Drew_J's posts speak a Truth that my own perceptions confirm. There IS a worldwide conspiracy by some elite group of Jews. They have the technological ability to now trace Drew_J's comments here back through his IP address and quietly [cough] make him silent.

I arrived at this website by clicking on a link button at Henry Makow's website. Henry there describes how his 91-year-old Jewish father disowned him. Henry states that not all Jews are behind this-only a very exclusive elite group going back centuries. Henry then makes the point of disavowing any fealty to those elite Jews. No longer a practicing Jew but now just one of us innocent sheeple victims. I exchanged an e-mail with Henry yesterday and he does indeed seem like a good fellow.

But if we take this conspiracy seriously-and I do-then we know that the unique quality that makes it even possible is their capacity for deviousness. A deviousness so unthinkable that decent people discount it out of hand. Nobody could be THAT immoral...evil.

So, if they really were that evil then they would have "programmed" Henry when he was in Israel to infiltrate groups such as this by first publically disavowing his Jewishness. By maybe even becoming a Leader in the resistence movement. Meanwhile their secret police is taking down IP and e-mail addresses here. Quietly culling the herd that Henry attracts. One by one ever so discretely so that this Forum never seems to ever grow past a certain small population. Odd that we must "register" here and that no anonymous posts are possible.

After all these years since Henry Ford distributed 500K free copies of the Protocols in America no resistance organization has ever been allowed. I wonder how they do it too during the commercial breaks while watching the wrestling on television.

[they are so devious that an innocent Henry can not now disprove it]

Drew_J has written very convincing arguements here and demonstrates a very rare sanity.
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