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Default Re: The Last Prophet and Universal Man

nomad wrote:
I don't think you realize how powerful they are ...

don't listen to me, just keep watching the news

and see the chipping of planet Earth take place

right before your eyes ... be patient if they

don't chip you personally they will get your

kids or grandchildren.
They will not be alive in my grandchildren's generation. Like I said before, their end is coming sooner than you think, and their end will be appropriately violent, as befits the crimes they have committed.

In the eyes of the peasants, perhaps these cowards "wield" a lot of power, but last time I checked, cowardly murders aren't very powerful at all (and certainly not in the eyes of God). I don't watch TV, more esp I don't watch the news, since the purpose of news/TV is to (a) brainwash you w/ lies; (b) indoctrinate you into the NWO system; and (c) excite you into a state of irrational fear. As I find none of these activities worth my while, I don't watch TV..

In terms of who these people are, and "knowing" them, I'm quite certain I probably do "know" them and what they're capable of (and I also probably know what these cowards *think* they are capable of, which is quite different than what they are *genuinely* capable of acheiving).. I live in the heart of NYC's Midtown Financial District, and on a good day I might sell one of these NWOer's several tens of thousands of dollars worth of computer software. But I do not fear these cowards.. as Jesus teaches, there is only One whom you need fear -- him who has the power to destroy your Soul -- and he does not dwell upon this sinful Earth..

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