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Default Re: FREEMASONRY: What really goes on there?

They seem to band together in kind of an "old boys network." They help each other with materialistic things and use any methods to defeat and rule over non-masons. They hold high level positions in churches, business, and governments.

Having read these two articles
I'm convinced that the podunk town of Fountain City, Wisconsin, is full of masons that are banding together to defend their idiot police chief, who is at the very least grossly incompetent and is probably far worse than incompetent.

One of the masons favorite methods of killing someone they perceive as a threat is hitting them with a moving vehicle. The deceased child owner of the beagle this man killed had been killed by a moving vehicle.

Why would the masons perceive a child as a threat? Perhaps the child is part of a bloodline that has a history of defeating dragons.

Ask me about the time a green cab hit me in a crosswalk some time. I walked away.
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