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Default Re: Why don`t the extraterrestrials help us?

My Lord man! Where have you been!

David Icke.

Lizard man shape shifter mixed in with the good stuff.

First place the media goes when looking to discredit 'Conspiricy Theories'.

I dont believe he's a plant. I just think he has his views.

It just irks me when someone mentions him when there are so many excellent sites dedicated to this stuff.

He's also a little TOO NWO for me as he bags Christianity incessently and to my mind (i dont use this word too often) is downright blasphemous!

He has no respect for others views but expects us to believe the Illuminati is populated by shape shifting lizards!

He's arrogant and incredibly opinionated and cant stand it when he's challenged.

We all suffer from that from time to time. If he does'nt want to be challenged he should keep his opinions to himself.

I steer clear. I'd read Vialls ten times over before i'd bless his site with my eyes.

Oh well my goat joke was lost!

Not very funny anyway.
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