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Default Re: When Exactly did Hollywood come up with the phrase "TIN FOIL HAT"?

Well where is this art I don't see it any where and where is this great TB and who is this great TB and was he greater than Satan. If so where is he, she, or it. Really now, Crap art why would crap art offend anyone. I would like to see it. BTW I do believe that if you keep up that computer linked with Satan crap you will need to start stocking up on tin foil. You see I think it hits a raw nerve in the Old Man and times are getting short. About 31 years now, but who's counting. Pressure, pressure so much to do and so little time to do it. Don't you think its nice of me to sort of warn you. Have you noticed the change in this site, wonder why. Almost as if something were keeping tabs on this place. No you guys would have figured it out by now. Oh well.
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