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Default Re: When Exactly did Hollywood come up with the phrase "TIN FOIL HAT"?

Words, words, words you can feel the miasma that is coiling around this forum now. It is not my doing or are you claiming that it is. You watch and tell me what you see. Are you a child, are you a young adult. I have my opinion. Remember the 31 years that I threw out, stop it, another one comes. I didn't say I was Satan, I asked what if I was Satan. I don't even know if you believe in such a thing. Can you concentrate on a topic if so do so. I threaten no one that I am aware of. Just a lonely landlord seeking tenants. What you write is not even rational. I said that if you continue with certain ramblings you might bring attention to yourself. Thats being friendly and helpful, not threatening. Wake up man, as so many post on this site, things are getting down to the wire. Have you ever heard the saying "said the spider to the fly". Anyway its time to put another log on the fire, you see I am particularly susceptible to the cold.
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