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Default Re: The Last Prophet and Universal Man

nomad wrote:
the only point I am trying to make is that stopping

the NWO from total control over the entire

human race will be like trying to stop the sun

from ever rising again ... let's just watch it

unfold before our eyes ... no point arguing ...

I WORK in the industry and I am privy to info that

is still not out in the public domain ...

essentially you ain't seen nothing yet.
Dear nomad,

George W. Bush and Co. has nothing to do with the "final" NWO. But we shouldnt underestimate the work of GWB and Co. ... they are doing a tremendous job, unfortunetly its not possible to do it in a smoother way, by the way these bunch of people absorbing a huge amount of karma (which they need to pay back!), but which helps us at the end to progress faster in our evolution... towards a Fair World Order. Please do not mix the current globalists tendency and the final Fair World Order (FWO). The responsible persons in the future which are developing the FWO will be obliged to realise it in a smoother way... each generation does it in a better way...

Therefore we should support the NWO or the FWO (Fair World Order)!

As psholtz already mentioned, there is an eternal hierarchy of very powerful entities involved to bring the Fair World Order or the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness on Earth. We dont need to fear anything, we just should work on ourself to get more lovely, gentle, disinterested, patiened, beautiful, etc. we shouldnt be against the evolution towards a NWO or FWO.

Its absolutely natural that this aligenment towards a Fair World Order, will cause a lot of conflicts about natural resources, Intelligence/Secret Services, Governments, leader families, global companies, Religions, etc. and last but not least our egoistic behavior)... but after some certain occurences the FWO will be established whether we support it or not, it's a logic consequence!!!

Its not about the end of the world, its about the begin of a new world... and it will be goddess...

best wishes from Switzerland

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