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Default Re: The Last Prophet and Universal Man

nomad wrote:
reread what Jesus the prophet said ... everything

is unfolding EXACTLY as he said it would ... not

bad I say for someone who claimed he would

eventually be the most popular person on Earth and

that the world would never forget his words ... so

far he has never erred.
Well, if I were Satan, this is exactly what I would do concerning the matter: leave the scripture of Jesus untouched, except for the words concerning the time when I make my move - the time when I strike, so that everybody will be caught off guard, thinking that everything is under control. It would be too easy, because till the end, the people will STILL be waiting for the destiny that I have falsely created in scripture. They wont even put up a fight… Mwahahaha… (Sorry Satan, yes, I did just expose your plans on the Internet).

I’m not saying that Jesus was wrong, at all, just that what you expect to happen will not. I know this by divine message, and Jesus would have you know this. We should ask God for the truth, because putting our fate in the hands of tainted, Holy Scripture seems very ill advised, from any perspective.
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