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Default Re: Bush' real agenda is a FWO (Fair World Order), believe it or not!!!

SeC - It's been known for some time by many people that an eternal hierarchy of entities are behind the NWO agenda; that isn't news. These entities are eternal because they belong to the hierarchy of fallen angels who serve satan - the father of lies.
God, however, isn't a passive observer in all of this. Yes, the NWO agenda may come to fruition, but ultimately those who serve satan and his NWO agenda will have to pay the eternal price for their role in it - unless they sincerely repent, and there is still time to repent, SeC.

You wrote that we should just work on ourself to get more lovely, gentle, disinterested (this is an important word), patient, etc.

Yes, by all means, get us to be "disinterested." If we're disinterested, we won't resist will we?
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