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Default Re: just a hunch, but I get a feeling that Sweden will be the next country to experience race riots

Akbar wrote:
The link is just some more propaganda. What about the rape of immigrant women by Swedish men? I'm sure the Swedish media does not report it, but it does happen. I'm sure it is reported less than the rape of Swedish women.
Either way, people are being raped. Maybe we should just set up all the rapists in a line and shoot them? Maybe then they’ll get the message "rape is bad, you sick, evil shitbags".

This is 'justice', by societal definition, but since when has this society really known what justice is? I had watched "Gangs Of New York" tonight. When a society is rotten to the core, so are its people, and they indulge in the most vile and retched acts whenever they get the chance to.

In time, not too long from now, all these disgraceful creatures will kill the heck out of each other, until they are no more, because that is what occurs to an individual who submits to Satan. You rot from within, until one day; you collapse into a worthless heap of dust. The same applies to society.

God made it so, that Satan could never prosper in our realm, because all of his creations are doomed from their beginning, like building a sand castle on a high-tide beach. How many more civilizations must crumble to the ground, before we get the message? Just one more.
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