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Default Re: Muslims to guard Churches on Christmas

What question?
I have read the Koran, I have read the Bible. I choose the Bible and The Messiah. I am not a Christian as is understood by the modern usage of the word. I fully understand Saturnalia and I fully understand the various pagan trappings added on to Christianity by Constantine and others. For instance the fir tree of Baal and on and on. Now learn this: I choose the Bible and Jesus Christ above the Koran and Mohammad not out of ignorance, but from study of both sources along with the Rig Veda and the Mahabharata of Hindu studies. The GOD I choose and the CHRIST I choose are of the Bible and not of the modern Churches. It is not my duty or place to try to change the belief of you are any other. I await my appointed destiny and feel disgust at most that I have seen the human race do to this earth and to the living beings upon it. Human, animal, insect, plant, and the mother Earth itself. If, in your opinion, my position is one that will effect me a place in Hell (since no traditional hell is ever mentioned in the Bible) then so be it. Is this something that you can understand. Remember, I have read the Koran and notice that I, no matter what my opinion about it is, have shown it respect.
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