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Default Re: Kids and the NWO

Max wrote:
Two part question- hoping for some thoughtful answers.

Part 1: Some animals when in captivity will not procreate. With a little consideration, particularly when compared to the slavery imposed by the NWO one can understand this behavior. If you see no hope for freedom, why would you subject your offspring to a lifetime of mistreatment? When one is NWO aware, what reasons would one really consider having children as a blessing?

Part 2: Assuming you had children, how is it best to raise them in regard to the NWO? To what degree do you control their NWO sensory input, teach them about propaganda, brainwashing and the NWO itself? What special skills should you teach them?

This is indeed a sad indictment against the people, if people they are, who have planned and propagated this universal society of greed and inhumanity to all living things.
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