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Default Re: just a hunch, but I get a feeling that Sweden will be the next country to experience race riots

Akhbar: some context

whether you are right or not about some presumably white posters on this site, lets look at the topic at hand.

Euro culture is one of feminism, single parent families, young women behaving as men. The key here is that the women are largely unprotected physically, relying on the vestiges of 'paternalism' for general good conduct.

In the Islamic immigrant situation some young women are Westernized, but many are physically protected by their families with chaperones.

Whether rapes are politically motivated, or elite sponsored we do not know. But between the two cultures, which way do you think it's going?

The question isn't racist, and perhaps you are - in your own assumptions. The question is not a question but an observation of societal deterioration. Many changes have happened the past decades, the people and movements who advocate more are on the wrong side.
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