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Default Re: white supremacists plan race war in Australia

the people of Sydney have become sick of middle eastern descent youths who profess to be of the muslim faith pack raping "Skippy" (Australian) teenage girls (5 and 6 repeatedly on a single 15/16 year old girl.

These people then display vile and threatening behaviour when in the court-room, and have no sympathy/remorse.

They are also displaying thuggish behaviour, beating volunteer lifeguards.

They've been getting away scott free for years, with the Police doing little to arrest/stop them...failure to stop them could be construed as supporting, and therefore propogating their "anti-white" behaviour. The Police know that they will pull their "minority status" card anyway.

A bunch of "Skippy's" decided to show them that they couldn't do this all of the time. It was wrong, and the white supremecists are making hay from the chaos.

But if the allegedly muslim youths of Arab decent hadn't been bullying, raping, intimidating, and being general arseholes, and the Police came down hard on themthere would be no headlines now.

Why can't these people who move to Australia leave their violence, and gangland activities in the countries that they are escaping from ?
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