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Default Re: Welp

Billi, you were the nicest of all.

We love you in Him my friend. ((((((billiard))))) sister hugs

Give dark a hug for us, and don't forget to tell him about the Saviour :-)

dark, stay sweet and fight the good fight, people are frail, but not to be feared :-) His love to you..Please give kind regards to rush and ephesians too ;-)
and thank them for me sincerely.

Hey you guys, today is a very special day, and week I might add, as some have strived to very much become like gods and have acheived it! What blessed irony!

This two weeks has them speaking like Him in the most profound way, for when it comes to 'me' and talk on 'myself' they can proudly declare:

"I never knew you"


*sound of door closing*


No need to check your pm's

Lynn has left the building.
To forgive is
to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was you..
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