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Default Re: Bush' real agenda is a FWO (Fair World Order), believe it or not!!!

World Dominion - ??? - :-o :-o :-o

From The "Evil Thinkers & Manipulators" Of The World

”Universal Brotherhood” For Whom ???

The other day I even heard the idea of universal brotherhood - an idea that hardly ever occurred to anyone before - being discussed on television. I do not know who was talking because I was late for the beginning of the programme, but someone was saying that with things as they were in the world today, with the proliferation of nuclear weapons, the only solution was universal brotherhood; the only hope for mankind was for all men and women to unite and extend the hand of friendship to each other. I was astounded and above all delighted to hear this, for it proves that the idea is beginning to spread. Yes, one day human beings everywhere will be obliged to make their voices heard to force the issue; there is no other solution
STOP DREAMING OF ONE DAY "SATAN" RUNNING THE WORLD - his days are almost over - (that's another solution). The above statement comes from an obvious new "recruit." The idea of a "Universal Brotherhood" has existed for "eon." That is nothing new, except to the "uneducated," which are many. To the proliferation of "nuclear weapons" we only have "governments" to thank. People don't start wars. People don't create "weapons of mass destruction", governments do. Changing the names of Nations doesn't unite any "brotherhood," it only benefits the ultimate scheme of the "controllers" of money, & thus the "controllers of the world government." Don't be naive. If "they" wanted to unite the world, all you have to do is stop sucking the hard earned labor from the peoples of the world. Stop the stealing an insane "monetary profit" from the "work of others" - ("usury"). Live & let live. If they just did that, the World would transform overnight, & everyone would be better off. The above scenario can only come from the "evil thinkers & manipulators" of the world.

Thank God for "Freedom Of Speech"...
Freedom is to understand, & to be unbounded by that Freedom -
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