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Default Re: I agree Henry, bar 1 point...

They talk the talk. I've been to their meetings. I've heard it all before.
.k TB give me your definition of fascism!
Many people seem to like to throw around that word alot as some kind of slang term but most of the time they are ideologically naive and have no idea what they talking about.It is used especially by lefties and Market liberals.

I would doubt most these trendy leftie youth that attend universites and get caught up in the Marxist fad, have even read one decent book on ideology they probly prefer to get there information only when an urgent assignment weights on their minds and hence they learn it all parrot fashion.
But many simply have not real interest in ideology, not even those that study Politics at uni. They turn to trots because it is the only alternative on uni campuses that fits the world view of accceptable PC conventions.
And most pleabian youth seem to get theres from Discovery channel or Computer games. In larouches case you are plain wrong.I would hope you have more intelligence than to fall into using slang terms in the wrong context. I hope you will read the links of the larouche movment i intend to give you here so that you can read it porperly and make up your own mind rather than the hearsay of others.

As i already stated larouche would like to go back to mixed capitalist economy. Basically there would be more governmet intervention but it would be for the common good. It would not allow a oligarchy and elites to develop.
We would have full employent again because one of larouches prime of objectives is to go back to a keynesian capitalist economic system.

Basically he emphasises the Physical economy which means in nutshell Primary and secondary industry, which means more manufacturing as the powerhouse of the capitalist economy rather than being a client state for service industries like tourism or the leech driven financial economy.
We would be a first rate country for soverignty and innovation.We would not be some slave plantation in the south pacific to foreign investment at the expense of the domestic population.And as i said previously we would be a society and not system.
Would you prefer to live in society or a system i know which one i would choose personally!.

Secondly what system do you believe the world operates under now.In your own words!
I believe we already have neo corporatist economy in Australia thats is the three way collusion of big buisness Government and Trade Unions.
Basically they all moving in the same direction and cooperating to keep this free trade capitalism for the corps at our expense.
If you look into the term or concept of corporatism you will see that it was used by Hitler and Mussolini in their fascist states.
However does Larouch advocate that kind of capitalist economy no way!.
A mixed capitalist economy is not a neo corporatist economy! Under Howard or Beasley we will have a neo corporatist structure to our economy for a long time yet unless people vote for suitable alternative.

As for larouche being racist what aload of crap!.
I have been to atleast two of the movements cadre schools and the youth wing of the party excepts everyone from Africans to Indians, they even have jewish members which i can prove.
Most of this racist crap is propagated by trots and liberals and zionists to discredit a very honest movement!. :-?

Sorry to go off the thread here people i just must respond to Misunderstandings!.
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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