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Default Re: just a hunch, but I get a feeling that Sweden will be the next country to experience race riots

I get my facts from white history. Media outlets controlled by whites always over report the crimes of nonwhites and under report the crimes of whites. Only nonwhites in those countries can share their true experiences, not the white media. I'm not sure how strong the nonwhite media is in other countries, but the black media in America always shed light of the racist white media. Look what happened after Katrina. The white media reported white families that were taking food from stores as doing it for survival and the blacks families who were doing the same thing as thieves. Now you tell me, if white controlled media in the US, which is more sophisticated and wealthy than any other white media outlet in the world can display blantant racism,the Swedes are then incapable of racism? I respectfully disagree with your views. I believe the NWO is rallying whites together to push for an all out race, religious war against nonwhites and Muslims. The media through there selective reporting are only fanning the flames.
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